Environmental Responsibility

Take a deep, relaxing breath.

You can when it’s Aquatic.

The tub and shower manufacturing process is a complex one, one that is made all the more challenging when you consider Aquatic’s uncompromising stance in the areas of product durability, strength and sheen consistency. In the face of regulations that essentially amounted to a choice between a weaker product or a multi-million dollar retrofit of our plants’ pollution control systems, Aquatic made the tough call. Having now invested $20 million dollars into state of the art pollution controls, we have managed to preserve the integrity of our products while at the same time reducing factory emissions and improving air quality. And, as of today, we remain the only company in our industry to do so.

Lacking either the capital or the concern, every other manufacturer opted to alter their product offerings. But Aquatic couldn’t be any prouder of our decision. Styrene is far too critical to the fiberglass reinforcement process; manufacturers who opt not to use it must use additional principal material, making their products thicker, heavier and more expensive without in any way enhancing quality or durability. Our builders don’t need callbacks or costly reinstallations. Our customers deserve more than the illusion of quality that can be created through added heft. They deserve the actual product strength and the superior product that is created through a time-tested process. Our decision to exceed U.S. EPA standards is yet another example that our commitments to both quality and the communities in which we operate are more than mere words.

Additionally, the strategic locations of our national facilities make it so our products are produced closer to where they’ll be used. Less travel means less fuel consumption means less of a carbon footprint. Of course, we’re always working on new ways to build environmental efficiency into our products and processes.