Combo Massage

Aquatic combo massage baths come in various shapes and sizes, including 2-person configurations.

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Customizable Therapy for the Best of Both Worlds

The combination system marries the immersive stimulation of the air bath with the targeted massage of the whirlpool. The systems can be used individually, or simultaneously for maximum impact.

Deep soaking tub with a backrest and color is white.

Whirlpool Massage Therapy

Targeted and powerful. The force of water works with the heat of the back to release your muscle tension and treat your trouble spots like the neck, back, hips, and knees. 

Deep soaking tub with whirlpool system for relaxation.

Air Bath Therapy

Air is pushed into the bath water thru pin-sized portals, forming a blanket of bubbles that dance and swirl from head to toe, creating a gently exhilarating experience.

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