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The Bath Space

Style and Ecofriendly Materials

1) BAMBOO Bamboo flooring is a great green choice. Because it is a grass, bamboo grows much faster than the trees used for wood flooring. This tough but beautiful choice is available in vertical and horizontal grains, with natural and carbonized finishes. 2) EUCALYPTUS Eucalyptus wood is a great sustainable choice for flooring or cabinetry, […]

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Quality at Every Step

You want only the best for your bathroom remodel. Not only when it comes to your bath or shower, but beyond to every detail. So, how do you know what the quality behind the material your contractor is going to use? It’s as simple as look, read and ask. 1) Look at a sample of […]

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5 Places to Find Design Inspiration


Design inspiration is all around — if you know where to look. Go beyond your favorite remodeling magazines or websites and draw ideas from things that really speak to you. 1. Review your snapshots from a favorite hotel or spa. What did you love about it? What made it unique and special? Look for the details that made a […]

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3 Bathroom Touches Worth the Investment

1) TOWEL WARMERS They have them at the spa so, why can’t you have one at home, too? Well, now you can step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a soft, warm towel for little cost and effort. From stand-alone units to complete built-ins, your plumber can find a unit to fit […]

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Savy Storage Ideas


1. Rolling cabinets or low benches can sneak in some extra storage under the sink 2. Cutaway wall-mounted shelves or inset wall niches can add visual interest as well as storage. Give those elegant Egyptian cotton towels a showcase. 3. Arrange wall-mounted shelves and cabinetry asymmetrically to create a modern, dynamic look. 4. Open shelves […]

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Trends to Try

1) GET TILE-SAVVY Glass accent tiles bring color and versatility to the party. Metal tiles are also gaining in popularity — with stainless steel, bronze or copper adding gleam to backsplashes and more. There are also new faux hardwood porcelain tiles that give you the look of wood with the practicality of tile. 2) REFLECT […]

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Understanding Rigid and Flexible Piping

Copper is the most commonly used material for residential water supply lines and much of the interior water lines. However, with the increasing price of copper, some plumbing contractors are switching to flexible plastic piping known as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PE (Polyethylene), or CPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride). It’s a simple fact: […]

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Using Color in Your Bath

Color is the easiest way to make a big impression. You can change wall color to go from soothing to dramatic, bold to minimalist. Here are a few tips on incorporating color into your space for a bath with a pop of color. 1) Playing with contrast is a great way to play with mood. […]

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What is Chromatherapy?

It’s a mystery no longer. Chromatherapy is the use of colored lights in your bath or shower. Combining this approach with hydrotherapy can create especially soothing effects. In most of our baths, Aquatic offers underwater lights with LED technology to create a constant color wash or flowing color sequence. So, what do all our chromatherapy […]

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Using Patterns to Add Pop

The bath doesn’t have to be boring. All kinds of pattern can be incorporated via textiles, towels, rugs, artwork, accessories, wallpaper and even flooring. They can also pop up in accessories, lamps, vases and more. Certainly florals and other natural motifs have their place, but why not consider something unexpected? 1) Chevrons The zigzag is […]

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