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There's an art to selecting a bath product, and we're here to provide you with inspiration. Choosing the perfect bathtub or shower for your home can be refreshingly simple and even enjoyable. Start by plunging into the many possibilities, ranging from hydrotherapy tubs to sectional showers—all made in the USA.


Getting Started

If you’re remodeling a bath space or starting fresh, you may be unsure whether you need a tub, a shower or both. With the right facts and basic information, you can choose the best product for your needs.

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Bath Luxury Begins with Aquatic

Bath luxury can extend into the waters of design. Look for fine details like smooth-finished water jets, which can add to the beauty of your bath and make your everyday life easier. For the best in quality and craftsmanship, look close to home. All Aquatic bath products are crafted in America, and that means they are built and engineered for many years of enjoyment.

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Choosing “Made in America”

Aquatic bath products are inspired and made in America, and they set the benchmark for the industry worldwide. So when you choose Aquatic, you’re choosing higher quality, safer design and many other advantages of USA-manufactured products.

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Bathtub Options

Deciding Just Which Bathtub Is Best

Bathtubs can be installed in a corner or against a wall. They can also stand on their own as a dramatic focal point. The type of bathtub you choose depends on your space and decorating scheme.

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The Options for Showers Are Equally Refreshing

If you’re looking for a seamless appearance that’s attractive and durable, one-piece showers are an ideal choice. For remodeling projects, or applications where space is limited, tub-shower combinations and sectional showers are available. For an extra touch of convenience and luxury, choose a steam shower.

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Hydrotherapy Systems

Bringing the spa experience into your home

A hydrotherapy tub transforms a bath into a luxurious and revitalizing spa. Whirlpool bathtubs target aching muscles with pulsating jets of water, while air baths provide an all-encompassing massage. Deep, heated soaking tubs provide gentle stress relief. Aquatic also offers jetted tubs that combine all options in one.

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FreedomLine Trench Drain Showers

Sophisticated in design, construction, form and function, Aquatic’s FreedomLine Trench Drain showers are smart accessible bathing solutions for a wide range of audiences. For designers, builders, residents, caregivers and more, these stylish and practical bath fixtures will solve some long-standing difficulties and offer features that enhance the experience from project start to finish. Like all Aquatic products, the FreedomLine Trench Drain showers demonstrate our expertise and passion for addressing the challenges of our customers at all stages.

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DriftBath leaves you inspired and relaxed

Available exclusively from Aquatic on Serenity bathtubs, DriftBath hydrotherapy delivers the ultimate relaxation experience. Choose from an inspiring selection of designs, all crafted in America.

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Keep safety and accessibility in mind

Grab bars, slip-resistant shower bases and adjustable showerheads are all accessible features that make bathing safe and relaxing, especially if you have a family member who’s physically challenged. But these options are just the beginning of what’s possible.

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Expert Support

How turning to the experts can relax you even more

If possible, seek out advice from a licensed design professional. Also, be sure to buy from a manufacturer that provides expert support at all stages of your project.

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