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5 Inspiring Shower Storage Ideas


A shower can perk you up and speed up your morning routine, especially when clutter is kept to a minimum. If you have a large family, however, you may have discovered that accessories inside your shower can build up as quickly as soap residue. Make showering simple again with our ideas for getting gels, razors and toys organized and under control.

Look for built-in storage features

If you’re in the market for a new shower, consider models with built-in toiletry shelves. Aquatic offers showers, tub-showers and steam showers with molded shelves in a variety of configurations. The durable construction eliminates the need to grout around shelving, so there’s minimal water accumulation or potential for mold.

Get help from a caddy

These versatile accessories have come a long way since their dorm-room days. Shower caddies come in sophisticated materials like teak and bamboo, and they attach securely to the showerhead for convenient storage. Most include suction cups that adhere to the shower wall for extra stability. Look for a rustproof label to ensure years of enjoyment and use.

Or, opt for multiple caddies

By installing a horizontal grab bar in your shower, you can hang multiple shower caddies at once. This is ideal if two or more family members share the same shower space, or if you have frequent houseguests. Different color caddies make it easy for each person to spot their own, while multiple caddies in the same finish creates a more uniform look.

Use a tension pole for relaxation essentials

If you have a walk-in or tub-shower, a corner caddy unit can provide ample storage for all your toiletries. Much like a shower rod, this fixture uses a slim pole with a high-compression spring to fit securely between the ceiling and the shower bottom or tub ledge. Adjustable shelves can be moved up and down the rod to fit taller bottles and put favorite products within easy reach.

Enjoy versatile storage with freestanding towers

For more generously sized walk-in showers, freestanding storage towers offer an attractive, flexible option. Often made of teak or bamboo, these shelving units are usually designed for placement in the corner of the shower, on the floor. No installation is required, and the units can be used in another area of the bath space should your storage needs change.


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