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Competing products appear to be similar. Why should I insist on Aquatic?

Preferred choice. Aquatic has maintained a solid reputation since 1965. Our engineering and designs are regularly lauded by both professionals and consumers, who turn to Aquatic year after year for stylish bath products that stand the test of time.

Exceptional craftsmanship.
Aquatic bath products are made in America, and they set the benchmark for the industry worldwide.

Unmatched service. No other company is trusted by as many contractors and developers, people who consistently stake their own reputations upon ours.

On-time delivery. Aquatic is the only company in the industry to maintain a nationwide delivery system. No matter what your location, we can deliver your purchase in a professional and timely manner.

Peace-of-mind protection. Our warranties give you the assurance of enjoyment and daily use.

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I prefer to “buy green” whenever possible. What steps has Aquatic Bathware taken on behalf of the environment?

Aquatic Bathware has invested over $20 million in pollution controls to ensure cleaner air for the communities in which we operate. We regularly recycle previously discarded materials from our production process. Additionally, our nationwide plants shorten the distance from factory to end-use, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

What purpose do the wood blocks and/or legs under my tub/shower serve?

The blocks and/or legs attached underneath the bottom of the bath fixture are an integral part of the support system and should not be removed. Although these blocks and/or legs need not touch for an acceptable install, this may be an indication that the unit and/or subfloor are out of level.

When I set my Aquatic tub/shower or shower stall into my alcove, the unit tips to the back. Is a void under the unit acceptable?

When installing the unit, the only portion that touches the floor when the unit is leveled is the front threshold (apron) and blocks or legs. There will be a void underneath the unit for drain clearance purposes. Leaving a void under the unit is acceptable, as the unit has been tested to three hundred pounds (ANSI Standard 2124.1 & 2).

What are “foundational materials” and how do I set my unit in them? May I use foam or sand?

Aquatic units do not need to be set in foundational materials. If you desire to use foundation materials, several mounds of non-shrink grout or mortar should be placed on the sub floor where the floor of the unit will rest. The mounds should be good sized (about 12″ dia. and 6″ high.) Set the unit in the alcove on top of the foundation material and level the unit. The mounds underneath the unit will depress and spread out into one another so that the entire bottom area of the unit is supported underneath. The use of sand is not recommended as it can shift and hold moisture. The use of foam is also not recommended, as it is difficult to regulate and can be unevenly dispersed under the unit causing stress points in specific areas. Over time, foam will also compress and no longer support the bottom of the unit.

During installation, when do you recommend units be set in casting plaster or mortar?

Foundational materials are not required for Aquatic units, but are a practice within the industry. However, if subfloor is not level, foundation materials can be used to help set the unit level.

What holes are cut for me on my Aquatic unit? With what do I use to cut the hole?

The only holes cut in your new Aquatic shower unit will be the drain hole. In our tubs and tub/showers, an overflow hole is drilled unless otherwise specified. To cut holes for plumbing fixture, a hole saw is recommended. A saber saw may also be used. Whatever the choice of saw, the blade should be fine-toothed and sharp. The hole should be cut from the finished side out. Masking tape can be used to minimize chipping.

May I cut a portion of my Aquatic unit for an existing window?

Yes, you may, however please be aware that by doing so you will void the warranty on that area of your Aquatic unit.

Do I have to have access to the backside of my RemodeLine unit in order to install it?

Aquatic designed our RemodeLine sectional units with a front-installation fastening system like Bathlock, so the need for backside access has been eliminated.

How do I remove the adhesive sticky’s from the labels on my Aquatic unit?

Adhesive residue can be removed with 3-M Natural Cleaner, Dsolvitor, WD40, denatured alcohol,  mineral spirits, lemon oil or PineSol. The cleaning product should be poured onto a soft clean cloth and wiped on the unit.

Can handicapped grab bars be installed on my Aquatic unit after the unit itself has been installed?

If the unit was ordered with additional reinforcement for the future placement of grab bars, you may install the grab bars as per the grab bar manufacturer’s instructions. If the unit was not ordered with additional reinforcement, you must have access to the backside of the unit. 3/8″ plywood backing must be installed on the fiberglass laminate with resin or construction adhesive in the area you wish to install the bars. The plywood should extend 6″ past the length and width of the bar.

May I install a handicapped seat on my Aquatic unit once the unit has been installed?

If the unit was not ordered with the additional reinforcement, access to the back side of the unit is required. Plywood backing should also be installed on the fiberglass laminate and extend half way up the height of the unit and across the entire depth of the unit for maximum support. Consult the seat manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Aquatic units are available with handicapped grab bars and/or a handicapped seat?

Aquatic FreedomLine units can come fully equipped with bars, a seat, and plumbing hardware. The majority of our standard Aquatic units may also be ordered with factory installed handicapped grab bars, but not seats.

Is an access panel absolutely necessary?

An access panel is necessary so that the whirlpool components of the unit may be serviced. If you choose not to provide an access panel during installation and should service need to be performed on your whirlpool, a hole in the closest wall will need to be made at the homeowner’s expense. Aquatic is not responsible for the repair of the hole once the service on the unit is complete. You can choose to have an access panel on an outside wall so long as all local and state building codes are followed for your area.

May I install an in-line heater on my Aquatic whirlpool after purchase?

You may install an in-line heater on your Aquatic unit after purchase, however you will void the warranty on the jetting system. Please be aware that this is at your own risk, so be sure the person you hire to do the installation is qualified. Aquatic does offer the in-line heater as an option.

What are the electrical requirements?

Electrical requirements for hydrotherapy baths vary by product collection. It is always best to confirm the requirements of your unit prior to installation. Refer to its Installation/Owners Manual document, which can be downloaded from its product page on this site.

Do I really have to recess my FreedomLine unit into the floor? What can I do if I’ve already installed it on top of the floor?

ADA code mandates that all FreedomLine wheelchair accessible units must be recessed into the floor and set into casting plaster or mortar in order to be ADA compliant. If the unit must pass a code approval inspection, local and state codes must be verified to be sure the installation is acceptable, if it is not recessed. For a private home, the unit may be installed on top of the floor. If the unit must be wheelchair accessible, the bathroom floor can be built up to the shower as a ramp. Please be aware that the warranty on the Aquatic unit may be voided if not installed to Aquatic’s specifications.

How do I keep water from coming out of my FreedomLine unit?

Collapsible thresholds are on the market and can be installed after the unit has been installed. The collapsible thresholds allow the unit to be accessible for a wheelchair, yet spring back into shape to prevent water from coming out of the unit. It is recommended that the bathroom floor outside ADA clear floor space be designed with a floor drain to alleviate any water over spray that may escape the shower stall.