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Possibilities that take you from start to stunning. Designing a bathroom can be enjoyable and even calming, as long as you have the right inspiration. In this section, you’ll find ideas, photos and videos to get your project off to an ideal start, so that you’ll ultimately end up with something quite stunning.

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There’s an art to selecting a bath product, and we’re here to provide you with inspiration. Choosing the perfect bathtub or shower for your home can be refreshingly simple and even enjoyable. Plunge into the possibilities by scrolling down through the considerations below.

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Inspiration is yours to behold. Explore our gallery of bath images and see how Aquatic products can be beautifully integrated into your design plans.

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A designer can dream. Just like a homeowner or facility owner. Homeowners have dreams of beautiful baths that invite relaxation. Same goes for anyone opening or renovating a spa or some other resort-type environment. You dream of bringing these visions to life for your customers, and we give you the inspiration to make it happen.

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