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Hydrotherapy Tubs and Showers

Hydrotherapy Systems

A water treatment for whatever ails you
A warm bath can provide welcome relief from daily stresses, aches and pains. When the bath is full of therapeutic bubbles, streams of swirling water or both, you have the prescription for ultimate relaxation. Steam showers also offer a refreshing and soothing hydrotherapy experience.

Have aching joints or muscle tension? Choose whirlpool tubs.

Powerful whirlpool jets give you a deep-tissue massage to relax even your most knotted-up spots. Plus, you can adjust different jets to target muscles.

Air baths deliver a gentle, all-encompassing massage

Water and air jets work together to soothe and stimulate the senses. With the simple touch of a button, tiny bubbles dance around your body, delivering an invigorating massage you can feel from head to toe.

Choose a combination bath for the ultimate spa experience

Whirlpool jets combined with the therapy of aerated bubbles allow you to customize your bath to your liking. Combination units can also include jetted head-support pillows, Shiatsu back jets and ergonomic seats.

DriftBath uses streams of water to soothe your body, and it’s available exclusively from Aquatic

Soothing, water-only hydrotherapy experience uses a soft current to create a relaxing blanket effect, without any powerful rush of water or vigorous swirl of bubbles. Heat generated by the motor is captured and used to keep water warm, eliminating the need for a separate inline heater.

Sometimes feeling better is as simple as a long, HotSoak

Extended warm-water therapy opens pores, improves circulation and relaxes the body. Constant circulation and an inline heater keep the water at just the right temperature while you linger.

Chromatherapy brings special effects to your tub

Adding color to your bath is an innovative way to customize your spa experience. Depending on the program you select, you can create a constant color wash or a flowing color sequence.