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Bathtub Options

Bathtub Options

Guidelines for planning
Whether you’re remodeling a master bath or planning a new bathroom, you’ll find an array of bathtubs to fit your needs and design preferences. The considerations below will help you narrow down your options and make the best choice.

First, survey your space

The first step in choosing a bathtub involves taking into account some basic considerations related to your bath space:

  • Measure the dimensions of the room to get a better idea of what tub size and configuration will work best
  • Take note of the plumbing layout of your space, so you can be sure the drain location of your new tub matches up with connecting pipes. Contact a professional plumber if any plumbing needs to be moved or reworked.

Next, decide on a type of bathtub

Most bathrooms are designed to accommodate a traditional skirted tub within an alcove, but that’s just one of the many possibilities:

  • Skirted tubs have one finished side and are anchored on the other side and both ends by a bathroom wall. The visible finished side, also called an skirt or apron, can be flat or bowed.
  • Corner tubs have triangular-shaped designs that fit into the nook of a room. These units are often configured for two-person bathing.
  • Drop-in tubs have no finished sides and are usually installed within a constructed deck and surround. A self rimming edge can be seen above the mounting surface.
  • Undermount units are similar to a drop-in style and are equally versatile. Similar to an undermount sink, the bath is installed beneath a cutout in the mounting surface, and there is no visible edge.
  • Freestanding tubs are finished on all sides and can be placed almost anywhere in a bathroom. Designs range from vintage clawfoot bathtubs to contemporary styles with pedestals.

Settle on the ideal seating arrangement

Bathtubs can hold one person or two people. Before you invest in a bathtub, no matter what the size, check its technical specs to be sure it will accommodate the size and number of bathers you choose.

Factor in your family’s needs

Even before the purchase stage, it helps to preplan for a wide range of family needs:

  • If you’ll be bathing kids, you may want to avoid extra-deep bathtubs
  • If there’s someone in your household who’s aging or has a disability, opt for a lower skirt height or add optional decorative grab bars
  • Many Aquatic Everyday bathtubs are available with reinforcements that easily accommodate future installation of grab bars and foldup seats

Tap into the soothing powers of hydrotherapy

Whether you find long HotSoaks relaxing, or you prefer the invigoration of bubbles, you’ll find a hydrotherapy option or combination of therapies to suit your needs. Underwater lights are also available for an enhanced bathing experience. Learn more about hydrotherapy systems.

Make quality decisions about materials

Bathtubs are made from many kinds of materials. Aquatic offers bathtubs with two different types of constructions:

  • Premium cast acrylic products are specially formulated for exceptional durability and luster
  • AcrylX™ products reinforced with the strength of Armorcore™  are also durable and easy to clean

All Aquatic models share one thing in common: an uncompromising commitment to quality. Learn more about the Aquatic Advantage.