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5 Ultimate Bath Spaces


When you imagine the ultimate bath space, what do you see? An abundance of storage? Double vanities? Maybe some nature-inspired touches? Whatever your vision might be, one thing is certain: A hydrotherapy tub placed at the center will make it even more compelling. We have 5 photos as examples, in case you’re not convinced.

Center of Attention

Millennium 9
Millennium 9

 A bathtub in a main room isn’t something you see every day, but somehow it feels right, especially when a hydrotherapy whirlpool tub is part of the picture.

Deep Relaxation

Universal Oval
Universal Oval

 Dark tones, a mix of finishes and a partition wall create a high-end getaway feel.

Calming Color

Universal Oval
Universal Oval

 A monochromatic color palette lets your mind relax. A hydrotherapy spa lets your body get in on the action, too.

Elegant Accessories

Universal Oval

An element of surprise, like a fireplace and chandelier, takes this bathroom from standard to outstanding.

Natural Bliss

Riviera Motif

 Get closer to nature with large windows and beautiful, earthy materials and textures.

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