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Floating Shelves In a Bathroom? Absolutely.


Ideal for bathrooms of almost any size, floating shelves add a bright and airy feeling to a space. They also create more storage. Mounted on concealed brackets, these streamlined fixtures leave room for all sorts of design possibilities. Floating vanities also help open up your bathroom.

Remember, location is everything

Make the most use of vertical space by installing floating shelves near the vanity or above the toilet. With this layout, you can enjoy easy access to towels, washcloths and toiletries, and it gives you a place for photos, artwork and other decorative items. Position shelves of the same size an equal distance apart to create a uniform feel, or use different sizes and configurations for an asymmetrical look.

Choose the perfect finish

Match floating shelves to the materials and finishes in your bath space to create a streamlined look. For instance, the glossy white of Aquatic’s subway tile bathtubs and showers blends beautifully with white or brushed chrome shelving. Or, for high contrast and drama, choose shelves in a black or an espresso finish.

Complement a modern bathtub

A statement-making bathtub, such as the sleek freestanding and drop-in models in Aquatic’s Serenity Series, has greatest impact when complemented with a modern accent or two. Place one or two floating shelves just above the bathtub ledge to hold candles, towels or piece of contemporary art.

Consider a floating vanity

A vanity is another option for adding style and storage to your space. Whether you’re remodeling or starting from scratch, take a moment to consider which features best suit your daily routine and storage needs. For example, a two-sink configuration may be best if you and your spouse both get ready at the same time in the morning. A shallow drawer provides quick access to makeup and small toiletries, while deeper drawers hold thick towels and washcloths.

Experiment with vanity lighting

Wall-mounted vanities are typically installed six inches or more above the floor to give the appearance of “floating” on the wall. This extra space helps a small bath area seem larger and creates room for LED lights under the vanity. Accent lighting not only creates a dramatic effect, but also enhances visibility and safety at nighttime.


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