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Showers with True Curbless Appeal


A truly inviting bath space is one that’s accessible to all, regardless of age or ability. If there’s someone in your household who uses a wheelchair or has limited mobility, a curbless shower is one option that can make your bathroom safer, more accommodating and even more stylish.

Design that eliminates barriers and risks

Unlike typical showers that have a six-inch curb at the entrance, curbless or barrier-free showers eliminate the step-over risk with a low threshold between the shower and bathroom floor. Many of the showers in Aquatic’s Accessible line have roll-in thresholds that are compliant with ADA/ANSI specifications for wheelchair accessibility. Available in seamless and sectional designs, these showers have a wide opening to allow easy maneuvering.

A foundation for safer showering

Many of Aquatic’s showers include engineered, pre-leveled bases that help prevent any potential problems related to curbless entries, such as front-threshold bowing and pooling of water. All of Aquatic’s curbless showers feature a slip-resistant, textured bottom for traction. If you’re looking to customize the walls of your shower with tiles or stone, Aquatic also offers a variety of curbless shower pans.

Go curbless without settling for beauty-less

Safe doesn’t need to mean boring. Aquatic’s curbless showers are available in smooth and diagonal tile options, as well as smooth wall designs. Choose from a variety of standard colors, or upgrade to a premium color selection to make a stunning statement in the bath space. You can also select from acrylic and gelcoat models, which can be configured to meet national and local accessibility standards.

Accessories add possibilities

Add-ons like grab bars and fold-up seats not only enhance the safety of your curbless shower, but also offer nearly endless possibilities for customization. Choose a shower seat in a material like teak wood to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Or select designer grab bars to complement modern bathroom décor.

Aquatic’s accessible accessories include handheld showerheads, dome lights, grab bars and shower seats in a variety of colors, options and styles. Best of all, any accessory can be custom-selected and installed at the factory, if desired.


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