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The Bath Space

Get Inspired by Natural Colors


Nature-inspired hues are bringing fresh life to today’s bathrooms, making them feel more like spas and less like plain, utilitarian spaces. If your bath could use a color lift, take a cue from a new earth-toned palette that will have your space looking elegant, luxurious and anything but predictably neutral. Uplifting blues The blues aren’t […]

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t


In any bathroom, a bit of discretion is always a good idea. This thinking not only applies to how the space is used, but also to the way it’s designed. Even if you have a fancy commode, you don’t want it to be the focal point. There are other elements you might want to conceal, […]

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Why Seamless Is More When It Comes to Bath Products


Tiles are popular for new and remodeled baths, largely because of the design flexibility they offer. If you’re planning on updating a bathroom, you may have your sights set squarely on tiles for your tub walls or shower surround. On the other hand, if you’d rather not deal with grout lines, Aquatic smooth-surface bath products […]

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Celebrating an American manufacturing tradition


July is a time when the American spirit rings loudest. At ball games, picnics and backyard barbecues, flags flutter triumphantly and people celebrate with a sense of pride. At Aquatic, we’re enjoying a patriotic celebration of our own as we expand our operations across the country. Strengthening service in the Northeast Aquatic is expanding manufacturing […]

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Creating fireworks with color and lighting


The bath space is where most people wash up for dinner or wind down after working all week. But, the possibilities for your bath space don’t have to stop there. With the right color and lighting as a backdrop, the bath can also be highly invigorating or even romantic. Bathe in the soft glow of […]

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Creating A Safe & Serene Bath Space

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Nothing inspires peace of mind more than knowing your bath space is safe for everyone in your household, especially if it includes young children or aging parents. But you don’t have to sacrifice style and function to enhance your safety. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure a smooth bath experience. Eliminate slippery […]

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Choosing the perfect bath product, materially speaking


Bathtubs and showers are made from many kinds of materials. Aquatic offers bath products with four different types of finishes. The type of material that’s best for you depends on your needs, style preferences and budget. Acrylic offers exquisite beauty and quality Aquatic’s acrylic products are specially formulated for exceptional luster and durability, with fiberglass […]

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Inspiring Ideas for Your Master Bath


The master bath is the main bathroom in your home, and that makes it just as important as your kitchen or bedroom. With the right decorating touches, it can also be just as beautiful. If you’re looking to step up the appeal of your master bath, we have a few inspiring ideas to help get […]

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High-tech touches for a low-stress bath experience


The bath space is one of the few places where you can escape from the constant beeps, buzzes, texts and tweets that demand our attention throughout the day. But before you throw the smartphone out with the bathwater, consider some high-tech innovations that can actually add to the serenity of your bath experience. Unique heating […]

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When is the Right Time To Plan Your New Bath?


Anytime is a good time to remodel a bath, as long as you invest time in upfront planning. An important first step is to think about your reasons for remodeling, and then you can make progress from there. Determine why you want to remodel Before you call in the pros or start picking out faucets, […]

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