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The Perfect Guest Bathroom

When you’re planning on hosting overnight visitors, a clean guest bathroom is essential. But a good scrubdown isn’t the only way to make your bath space shine. With some simple organizational ideas, and a few festive touches, you can make the space extra inviting.

Stock up on thoughtful amenities

Try to think of the little things your guests may have overlooked. Lotion, shampoo, body wash, disposable razors, extra toothbrushes and even bathrobes can make a frazzled traveler feel pampered and at home.

Organize the space

You want your guests to have everything they might need at their disposal, but you don’t want your bath space to feel cluttered. Make sure you have an unlocked cabinet or drawer where guests can easily find linens and toiletries. Also, be sure to clear away your personal care items.

Consider a fresh coat of paint

Painting your guest bath can add to the welcoming feel of the space. Remember, this is the one room in your house that isn’t necessarily about you. It’s all about them. So opt for a neutral color scheme. White towels and walls create a clean impression and will appeal to just about anybody’s taste.

Offer guests a seat

If you have the space, provide visitors with a place to sit where they can dry off, apply lotion or simply relax. Anything from a nice stool to a cushioned chair will do the trick, and your guests will appreciate your efforts to make them feel comfortable.

Get a little festive

Holiday décor has a place in the bathroom, just like any other room in the home. You might hang holiday-themed towels on a rack or hooks. Scented soaps and potpourri can help keep your space smelling clean and fresh.


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