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All About Install Formats

In addition to size, hydrotherapy options and finishes, how you wish to install your new bath is a big factor in your design. There are five formats for your bath, each with different considerations.

1) Recessed/Alcove

This format features one finished apron and is designed for installation in a recess or alcove, with walls on the other side and at both ends.

2) Drop-in

Drop-in baths have a self-rimming edge that is visible above the mounting surface. This very versatile style can be installed in a raised platform or sunk below floor level.

3) Undermount

An undermount installation is similar to a drop-in style and equally versatile. What makes them different is the rim or upper edge of the tub. With an undermount, the bath is installed beneath a cutout in the mounting surface and there is no visible edge.

4) Corner

Often designed for two-person bathing, a corner-installed bath features a finished corner or crescent-shaped apron with two open sides against the walls.

5) Freestanding

This style of bath is installed away from the wall and is supported by a base or decorative feet (think of the classic claw foot tub). A freestanding bath will be finished on all sides and look best in larger rooms with a bit of free space around it.


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