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10 Things to Ask Your Contractor

1. Are there any liens against you right now? 2. With whom do you have insurance? 3. What was your last job and can I contact them as a reference? (Then do it.) 4. Do you do the work or do you contract it out to someone else? 5. Will you be present on the […]

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Green Tips for Your Bath Remodel

1) GO GREY TO GO GREEN Greywater systems are gaining in popularity. These systems cycle water that’s been used once in the sink or bath to the toilet bowl, eliminating fresh water use in the toilet. Ask your contractor if one would work within your space. 2) GET INTO HOT WATER Now’s a good time […]

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Style and Ecofriendly Materials

1) BAMBOO Bamboo flooring is a great green choice. Because it is a grass, bamboo grows much faster than the trees used for wood flooring. This tough but beautiful choice is available in vertical and horizontal grains, with natural and carbonized finishes. 2) EUCALYPTUS Eucalyptus wood is a great sustainable choice for flooring or cabinetry, […]

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Quality at Every Step

You want only the best for your bathroom remodel. Not only when it comes to your bath or shower, but beyond to every detail. So, how do you know what the quality behind the material your contractor is going to use? It’s as simple as look, read and ask. 1) Look at a sample of […]

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