Novelli Q


  • Model:
    7660621Q (Whirlpool) $2,294
    7660620Q (Soaker) $1,227
    W7660621Q (Whirlpool) $2,754
    W7660620Q (Soaker) $1,581
  • Dimensions: 60" x 37 1/4" x 24 1/8"
  • Surface: Premium Cast Acrylic
  • List Price: Downloadable 1X price page available



Soaking Features: Designed for simple bathing, Aquatic soaking tubs have deep wells that allow you to completely immerse yourself in relaxation.

Air Bath

Air Bath Features: Delivers a gentle, all-encompassing massage. Water and air work together to soothe and stimulate the senses.

Hot Soak

Hot Soak Features: Constant circulation and an inline heater keep the water at just the right temperature while you linger.


Whirlpool Features: Powerful, adjustable jets give you a deep-tissue massage to relax even your most knotted-up spots.


Driftbath Features: A soft current creates a relaxing blanket effect, without any jets, and heat generated by a motor keeps the water warm.

Air Whirlpool

Air Whirlpool Features: Whirlpool jets combined with the therapy of aerated bubbles allow you to customize your bath to your liking.

  • Soaking
  • Whirlpool

This product has been discontinued effective 03/01/18.  Please see link below for suggested crossover model:


Standard Features

  • Ergonomic bathing well
  • Extended skirt (AFR)
  • Integral double tiling flange
  • Sculpted armrests
  • Removable access panels ( Whirlpool only)
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Pre-leveled wood base
  • Left or right drain
  • Premium cast acrylic surface
  • Limited 10 year warranty

Whirlpool  Features

  • Pneumatic on/off control
  • 8 hydrotherapy jets: High-flow directional jets and Low-profile spinning micro-jets
  • Whirlpool pump
  • Safety suction system

 Optional Features

  • Comfort pillow: Black or White
  • Cable drive waste & overflow: Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Color Matched (Biscuit, Bone, White)
  • Inline heater – 1.5kW, factory installed (Whirlpool only)

Standard Colors


Upgraded Colors