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FreedomLine Trench Drain Showers

Sophisticated in design, construction, form and function, Aquatic’s FreedomLine Trench Drain showers are smart accessible bathing solutions for a wide range of audiences. For designers, builders, residents, caregivers and more, these stylish and practical bath fixtures will solve some long-standing difficulties and offer features that enhance the experience from project start to finish. Like all Aquatic products, the FreedomLine Trench Drain showers demonstrate our expertise and passion for addressing the challenges of our customers at all stages. To learn more about FreedomLine Trench Drain showers, Download the FreedomLine Trench Drain brochure.

Solutions Built In

Challenges are not one size fits all. With the FreedomLine Trench Drain shower collection, we tackle lifestyle and aesthetic challenges with the same passion as practical concerns, and package the results in a chic form that elevates any bath space.


A fresh take on a classic design, an oversized subway tile pattern lends a modern and welcoming touch.




The wall-to-wall linear trench drain offers maximum water containment and a streamlined look.




Optional accessories like recessed toiletry shelves and a tall-wall height option provide code-compliant conveniences.




For product specs, pricing and ordering information, contact your Aquatic sales representative. Or, find an Aquatic Dealer near you. To view all FreedomLine Trench Drain models, click here.