Air Baths


They’re sleek and sophisticated, yet completely soothing. A blower creates tiny air bubbles and keeps them gently circulating around your body, in varying intensities, to make you feel exhilaratingly refreshed and relaxed. Design options range from classic to modern and freestanding models that are as individual as you.


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Size: 72" x 37 1/4" x 20 1/4"
Price: $$

Soaking Features: Designed for simple bathing, Aquatic soaking tubs have deep wells that allow you to completely immerse yourself in relaxation.

Air Bath Features: Delivers a gentle, all-encompassing massage. Water and air work together to soothe and stimulate the senses.

Hot Soak Features: Constant circulation and an inline heater keep the water at just the right temperature while you linger.

Whirlpool Features: Powerful, adjustable jets give you a deep-tissue massage to relax even your most knotted-up spots.

Driftbath Features: A soft current creates a relaxing blanket effect, without any jets, and heat generated by a motor keeps the water warm.

Air Whirlpool Features: Whirlpool jets combined with the therapy of aerated bubbles allow you to customize your bath to your liking.

Air Bath