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Get Inspired by Natural Colors


Nature-inspired hues are bringing fresh life to today’s bathrooms, making them feel more like spas and less like plain, utilitarian spaces. If your bath could use a color lift, take a cue from a new earth-toned palette that will have your space looking elegant, luxurious and anything but predictably neutral.

Uplifting blues

The blues aren’t always downbeat, especially when they come from nature. For a harmonious balance of tranquility and energy, pick a shade of blue that’s not too saturated, and pair it with pops of white. For a modern look that’s also inviting, use blues in dark or light shades as the backdrop for a rectangular bathtub and sink.

No matter which direction you choose, you’ll discover possibilities that entice the eye, while evoking a feeling of calm and well-being.

Beautiful shades of gray

From soft dove to heather to pewter, shades of gray are an ideal option for adding beauty to bath spaces. Because of its sophistication and versatility, this refined color scheme gives you plenty of room to play with your own style.

One feel-good option is to balance cool grays with colors and materials that have organic roots, like wood cabinets and bamboo floor tiles. Or, you can simply juxtapose gray with elements of beige or tan. Aquatic’s premium hydrotherapy bathtubs can provide the warm touch you need, giving you a choice of finishes like Cashmere, Mexican Sand and Sandbar.

Black is back

Black is versatile. It makes a dramatic impact. And it can look very high-end, particularly as an accent color. For a more standout look, go big with black walls and streamlined décor. Want something a little more subdued? Choose one statement-making piece in black, like a freestanding bathtub, that you can integrate into an otherwise light and airy room.

Create magic with metal

Metallic finishes like chrome and brass can add to the glam factor of your bath space, each in very distinct ways. Chrome is sleek, modern and versatile. Brass is unique, edgy and vintage. An Aquatic bathtub with claw feet in chrome or polished brass is the perfect choice to infuse your bath with a bit of polished flair.


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