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Why Seamless Is More When It Comes to Bath Products


Tiles are popular for new and remodeled baths, largely because of the design flexibility they offer. If you’re planning on updating a bathroom, you may have your sights set squarely on tiles for your tub walls or shower surround. On the other hand, if you’d rather not deal with grout lines, Aquatic smooth-surface bath products might be a more attractive option.

Healthier surface

Grouted tile can be very attractive in a bathroom. But the rough texture of the grout can leave countless tiny spaces for bacteria and mold to grow. Smooth, one-piece surfaces in bathrooms can create a healthier environment by providing fewer places for germs to hide.

Easy to clean

The mold and mildew that can build up in grout lines over time can lead to unsightly staining and discoloration of tiles. By comparison, smooth acrylic and gelcoat surfaces can be a lot easier to maintain. Often, a quick wipe with a towel and cleaning solution are all it takes to restore factory luster to an Aquatic smooth bathroom surface.

Easy to maintain

Damage repair is easier with smooth surfaces, as well.  Nicks and impurities in tile are often difficult to remove or mask.  However, with Aquatic gelcoat products, many minor scratches and impurities on the surface will simply buff out, without affecting the color or appearance of the material below the gelcoat.

Easy to install

Installing tile-and-grout surfaces can produce beautiful results, but the process can be very time consuming.  For quicker, more convenient installation and a wide variety of attractive options, Aquatic offers a full line of sectional showers and tub-showers in many combinations and measurements, for an attractive custom fit without the work involved with laying tile.

Artistic options galore

Bathtubs and showers can be made from many different smooth materials, including acyclic, gelcoat and composite, each offering advantages in appearance, durability and upkeep. These materials are available in multiple patterns, including smooth wall, diagonal tile, smooth tile, textured tile and subway tile.

No matter what material you choose, Aquatic products give you the option of standard and premium colors.  With finishes ranging from bright Aquatic white to cashmere, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your space.


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