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Creating fireworks with color and lighting


The bath space is where most people wash up for dinner or wind down after working all week. But, the possibilities for your bath space don’t have to stop there. With the right color and lighting as a backdrop, the bath can also be highly invigorating or even romantic.

Bathe in the soft glow of candles

Candles can be a simple and cost-effective option for creating a romantic and relaxing bath. Light a single votive or cluster pillars of different heights in one or more corners of the bathtub. Scented candles can also influence your mood, from the soothing effects of lavender to the uplifting energy of lemon verbena.

Serenity should never mean sacrificing safety, though. If you dim the lights in the bath space, make sure you still have sufficient lighting to safely get in and out of the tub. Always extinguish candles before leaving a room.

Explore the effects of chromatherapy

Color can also have a profound impact on mood, and Aquatic chromatherapy systems can create especially powerful effects. Available on most Aquatic bathtubs, these systems use LED lights to create constant color washes and flowing color sequences. Select red lights to evoke feelings of warmth and energy, or switch to turquoise to conjure an exotic getaway on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Let lighting set the mood

During busy weekday mornings, bathroom lighting needs to be bright and functional. But for a relaxing soak or a couple’s evening, dimmer lights offer ambience and versatility. You may also consider installing LED lighting strips under vanity mirrors or shelves, or adding decorative sconces for a romantic touch.


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