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Celebrating an American manufacturing tradition


July is a time when the American spirit rings loudest. At ball games, picnics and backyard barbecues, flags flutter triumphantly and people celebrate with a sense of pride. At Aquatic, we’re enjoying a patriotic celebration of our own as we expand our operations across the country.

Strengthening service in the Northeast

Aquatic is expanding manufacturing operations at our Elizabethtown plant in Pennsylvania to better serve our Northeast customers as the housing market continues to rebound. This will not only give us greater oversight to ensure the highest level of workmanship, but also allow us to offer more efficient service.

As the result of plant upgrades, Northeast customers will enjoy faster delivery and shorter lead times on all Aquatic units, including fiberglass-reinforced products. Many customers will be able to have products delivered to their warehouse or job site in just days. It’s all part of Aquatic’s longstanding commitment to providing customers with high-quality products made in Americabacked by expert service and support.

“We’re very excited to add to the capabilities of our Elizabethtown plant and see our production lines humming at full throttle.” 
–Mike Bowles, Manager, Elizabethtown Plant

Expanding opportunities for U.S. workers

Aquatic’s Elizabethtown plant sourced all raw materials and labor from local vendors during the expansion phase, and it will continue to support the local economy after construction is complete. This includes job opportunities for U.S. workers and military veterans through an expanded trucking fleet, as well as increased production on Aquatic’s Freedomline units.

“It is our honor to provide job opportunities for the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Employing American workers not only supports our local communities, but helps keep our entire country strong.” 
–Stuart Leigh, Aquatic President


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