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Choosing the perfect bath product, materially speaking


Bathtubs and showers are made from many kinds of materials. Aquatic offers bath products with four different types of finishes. The type of material that’s best for you depends on your needs, style preferences and budget.

Acrylic offers exquisite beauty and quality

Aquatic’s acrylic products are specially formulated for exceptional luster and durability, with fiberglass reinforcement inside.

Despite its sturdiness, acrylic material can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes, making it a popular choice for hydrotherapy bathtubs. Another advantage of acrylic is its smooth consistency and color, which makes it highly resistant to surface nicks.

Gelcoat is bright on the outside, tough on the inside

Like acrylic bath products, fiberglass gelcoat products are sturdy and long-lasting, and they can be a better fit if you have a limited budget. Aquatic offers an ultra-glossy gelcoat finish that’s not only the brightest and whitest available, but is also easy to retouch if it gets scratched or dinged. Below the surface reinforcement layers provide superior strength and durability. Thousands of small fiberglass strands are tightly interlocked and bonded to provide structure and rigidity that will stand up to the rigors of shipping, installation and usage over time.

Composite is highly affordable and easy to install

Aquatic composite or sheet molding compound (SMC) products are lightweight for easy installation in almost any bathroom environment, including small spaces with a tight layout. Ideal for remodeling projects, showers and tub-shower combinations are available in four-piece sectional configurations, all with abundant shelving for toiletries.

Copper gives your bath a vintage look

If you’re interested in a freestanding hydrotherapy bathtub, Aquatic’s handcrafted copper designs feature a warm, rustic patina that makes a dramatic statement in any bath space. These models are included in the Serenity Collection, which offers the ultimate in personalization.


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