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Inspiring Ideas for Your Master Bath


The master bath is the main bathroom in your home, and that makes it just as important as your kitchen or bedroom. With the right decorating touches, it can also be just as beautiful. If you’re looking to step up the appeal of your master bath, we have a few inspiring ideas to help get you started.  

Borrow from the bedroom

A master bath that’s adjacent to a master bedroom should feel connected to the space, as well. That doesn’t mean you need to exactly match wall colors and fabric patterns. You can simply choose complementary colors and materials to create visual continuity between the two spaces.

Bring in light, lots of it

If your master bath has a window, you can choose roll-up shades or blinds to let sunlight stream into the space. If you lack natural lighting, you can illuminate your bath with light fixtures. For maximum design impact, you can mix different types of lighting. This will also allow you to vary the mood as you wish.  

Make space for two

Master baths are usually big enough to accommodate two people at once. Depending on the size of your bath, you might consider a bathtub built for two. Hydrotherapy bathtubs from the Aquatic® Millennium Collection are invitingly spacious, and are equipped with up to 24 perfectly positioned massaging jets, two pulsating neck massage pillows and an array of customizable features.

Get perfectly organized

Built-in shelves next to your bathtub offer a beautiful look that’s also functional. Another option for adding stylish storage to your bathroom is to install some floating shelves. If you have classic tastes, you can bring in a bedroom nightstand and refinish it in a color that blends in nicely with your space. 

Be discerning about towels

Super-plush towels look gorgeous and feel wonderful when you’re drying off after a bath or shower. Fabric is the most important feature to consider. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are luxuriously soft, highly absorbent and have a long life. For an earth-friendly option, choose towels made of organic cotton.

Take a fresh break from the expected

Garden flowers arranged in a simple vase can add to the freshness of your bath space. Another artful option is to put a china teapot on display with matching cups, or group together a few small found objects gathered from your home’s living spaces.


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