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High-tech touches for a low-stress bath experience


The bath space is one of the few places where you can escape from the constant beeps, buzzes, texts and tweets that demand our attention throughout the day. But before you throw the smartphone out with the bathwater, consider some high-tech innovations that can actually add to the serenity of your bath experience.

Unique heating features can take off the chill

Radiant floor heating can be a warm welcome, especially during cold winter months. If you’re not renovating your bath, radiant heat mats come with heating wires already attached to allow quick and easy installation under tile or stone flooring. It’s also nice to have warm towels and robes on hand, and heated towel racks are the perfect solution. Some racks do double duty as a space heater.

Hydrotherapy sends your worries downstream

Aquatic offers a variety of hydrotherapy bath systems that are engineered to soothe.  For a perfectly tranquil bath experience, Aquatic’s exclusive DriftBath technology uses a soft current to create a relaxing blanket effect. Another example of Aquatic hydrotherapy innovation is the steam shower, which turns your bathroom into a relaxing wet sauna.  

Chromatherapy can color you peaceful and serene

Color often has a profound effect on mood. Bright yellow, for example, evokes happiness, while magenta stimulates creativity. Aquatic’s chromatherapy baths use underwater LED lights to create a constant color wash or flowing color sequence for the ultimate in serene relaxation.

Medicine cabinets do more than just store aspirin

Today’s sleek mirrored designs include built-in LCD screens to let you access morning news and weather or unwind with a favorite sitcom. Inside, special refrigerated sections provide convenient storage for organic lotions and creams, as well as medications that need to be kept cool. Some cabinets also include built-in speakers and dedicated outlets for your phone or mp3 player.

Even toilets can improve your mood

Today’s trendiest commodes tend to look more like modern art sculptures than traditional toilets and feature automatic-flush technology to conserve water use. Other features range from the merely convenient (built-in deodorizers and motion-activated seats) to the truly luxurious (heated seats and foot warmers).


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