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5 Bath Designs That’ll Make You Swoon

Subway Tile Tub-Shower

Bathrooms aren’t the largest rooms in a house, but they still have vast potential to inspire. To illustrate this point, we’ve selected five swoon-worthy bath designs that stand out for their beauty, tranquility and thoughtful attention to detail.

Timeless White (pictured above)

From the ceiling to the walls to the bathtub and sink cabinets, white sets the tone for this entire room. As a counterbalance to the clean and classic scheme of white, a clever interplay of lines and angles add visual interest. A sloped ceiling and custom millwork stunningly offset the rectangular pattern of the DuraCore™ subway tile tub-shower and surrounding walls.

Seemingly Spacious

Starla SoakerIf you want lots of style, yet have limited space, you can find the luxury you seek with a bath alcove. In this design, a framed enclosure with built-in storage houses a Starla acrylic hydrotherapy bathtub. An expansive backrest on the oval tub makes the tub feel large, despite its small footprint. Chandelier lighting above the tub, a large window view and a furniture-inspired vanity all work together to give the room a sense of openness and warmth.

Beauty in Utility

16034PS Seated ShowerOne of the biggest trends in bath design is to add elements that make it easy for users to bathe and relax, regardless of their age or ability. The sectional shower in this bathroom is generously sized and filled with thoughtful features, like a built-in corner seat. The functionality and beauty of the room is enhanced with double vanity sinks and open floor space in front of the shower.

Calming Oasis

6042DMIN SoakerA gelcoat soaker tub is the central focal point of the spa-like space, and its more-than-ideal location allows users to get the full benefit of a wide-open outdoor view. The bath surround and floating vanities have the same smooth stone finish for visual continuity, and open storage built into the wall makes the design feel all the more serene and organized.

Black and White and Romantic All Over

U103384_610pxA Serenity 11 freestanding acrylic bathtub on a checkerboard tile floor makes a statement of bold impact. And while the look is on the cutting edge, it’s softened by vintage influences and richly detailed flourishes. Alluring and irresistibly inviting, the design has the power to the capture the hearts of all who appreciate distinctive style.


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