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Inspirational Bathrooms for Multigenerational Homes


The typical American home is no longer a three-bedroom, two-bath abode built for a couple with 2.5 kids. Thanks in large part to an aging population and rising living costs, the American household is changing to make room for more than one generation.

Some homes have one bathroom for every bedroom. Others may not be so large, but are designed with flexible living spaces that are open to reconfiguration, should a need arise.  

An age-adaptable house can be ideal for older parents unable to live on their own. It can also work well for families with boomerang kids moving back home because of financial struggles or other reasons.

If you’re among the more than 51 million families living in a multigenerational home*, an Aquatic bath can fit your plans perfectly. Thoughtful consideration is given to design, from an aesthetic standpoint and also in terms of functionality. Key products and features to look for include:

  • Tub-shower units or tub-and-shower suites for a just-right balance of spaciousness and beauty
  • Curbless or roll-in showers to accommodate those with mobility issues
  • Adjustable, hand-held sprayers for a comfortable bathing experience 
  • Reinforced shower walls that allow for the future addition of grab bars
  • Fold-down shower seats that allow effortless maneuvering and washing

The advantage of Aquatic is that we offer the industry’s largest and most inspiring selection of product options and accessories. All designed to meet the highest standards for safety and style. All made and inspired in America.

*Source: Pew Research Center analysis of the latest U.S. Census Bureau data


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