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10 Things to Ask Your Contractor

1. Are there any liens against you right now? 2. With whom do you have insurance? 3. What was your last job and can I contact them as a reference? (Then do it.) 4. Do you do the work or do you contract it out to someone else? 5. Will you be present on the […]

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4 Checkpoints for Hydrotherapy Baths

1) Ergonomics Simply put, if you’re not comfortable and properly positioned in the bath, those hydrotherapy jets are not going to do you any good. If you’re very tall, make sure the bath is long enough for your complete comfort. If you’re petite, an ergonomic footrest can help you adjust to ideal therapeutic positioning. 2) […]

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5 Plumbing Tips You Should Know

We’re here to help take the guesswork out of your bath build or remodel. Here are a few tips every homeowner should know when it comes to hiring a plumber. It can help save you time, money and even your sanity. 1) Talk to two or three different plumbing contractors about your project. Ask for their […]

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