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Choosing Your Hydrotherapy

Which type of hydrotherapy is right for you? Read on for good-to-know information on whirlpools, air baths and HotSoaks and DriftBaths, an Aquatic exclusive. You’ll learn about what makes each hydrotherapy option unique and precisely how each one can soothe your soul.

  • Have aching joints or muscle tension? Choose whirlpool hydrotherapy. Those powerful jets give you a deep-tissue massage to relax even your most knotted-up spots. Plus, you can adjust different jets to suit your needs.
  • For a soothing water-only experience, an Aquatic DriftBath can send you to a place of pure tranquility. Up to 70 ports in the back and foot areas release individual streams of water that converge into a single flowing motion, creating a soft blanket effect.
  • If you enjoy the luxury of soothing warmth with no water or air motion, HotSoak hydrothearpy is probably for you. Using tiny effervescent bubbles that dance around your body, this option offers the broadest range of sensations, from delicate to invigorating, all from head to toe.
  • If you prefer a long, languid bathing experience, HotSoak hydrotherapy is what you’re looking for. Extended warm-water therapy opens pores, improves circulation and relaxes the body. And you’ll never have to add more water to keep things toasty. An inline heater takes care of that.

If you want it all — and we can’t say we blame you — consider a combination of therapies. Collections like Millennium, Infinity, and LuxeAir offer the best of all worlds. It’s simply the ultimate spa experience.


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