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Cutting-edge Details to Consider in Your Bath

Radiant floor heating — Luxe, yet practical too. No more cold toes when you step out of the bath on a frosty winter morning. And once the floor tiles are fully heated, they continue warming the room for a long time, keeping your bathroom nice and toasty. Bathroom entertainment systems — By installing stereo speakers […]

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Green Tips for Your Bath Remodel

1) GO GREY TO GO GREEN Greywater systems are gaining in popularity. These systems cycle water that’s been used once in the sink or bath to the toilet bowl, eliminating fresh water use in the toilet. Ask your contractor if one would work within your space. 2) GET INTO HOT WATER Now’s a good time […]

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How to Measure Your Bathroom for Remodeling

Whether you’re installing a new tile floor, new wallpaper or a new Aquatic bath or shower, you need to know how much space you have to work with. Here’s how to make it easy. 1) First, unfold your bathroom. Many bathrooms aren’t plain rectangles — they have niches and angles and extra corners. Imagine all […]

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