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Style and Ecofriendly Materials


Bamboo flooring is a great green choice. Because it is a grass, bamboo grows much faster than the trees used for wood flooring. This tough but beautiful choice is available in vertical and horizontal grains, with natural and carbonized finishes.


Eucalyptus wood is a great sustainable choice for flooring or cabinetry, because the trees are ready for harvest in only 10 years. The wood is very dense, so it’s a great choice for a bathroom. It can also take a very dark stain if you long for the rich look of darker flooring.


Glass countertops are beautiful, hygienic, non-porous and virtually maintenance free. Some are even eligible for LEED and NAHB Model Green home points. Plus they are completely recyclable when the time comes to make a change.


There are many recycled glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles on the market — you might just fall in love! And when your project is all finished, check to see if your community has a re-use center, where you can donate any still-usable materials — and keep them out of the landfill.


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