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5 Places to Find Design Inspiration


Design inspiration is all around — if you know where to look. Go beyond your favorite remodeling magazines or websites and draw ideas from things that really speak to you.

1. Review your snapshots from a favorite hotel or spa. What did you love about it? What made it unique and special? Look for the details that made a difference, including color, texture and finishes.

2. Think of a destination you’ve always longed to visit. Paris? Bali? Marrakesh? Use the web to seek out imagery from those places. Maybe you can use wrought iron sconces. Or incorporate tropical woods and golden-orange textiles. You could even lavish the floor with a tile mosaic.

3. Shop your closet or the latest designer clothing collections. What colors do you like to wear? Are you understated elegance or bohemian chic? A favorite belt could inspire trim work. Your husband’s tweed jacket could sway you towards a terrific tile color.

4. Visit a museum and take notes on what you see. Or pick up an art book at your local bookstore (you might even have a few on your coffee table) and browse through the pages until inspiration hits you.

5. The great outdoors can be an easy and ever-changing source of inspiration. From the color of fall leaves to the first blooms of spring, to various terrains and waterways, mother nature provides plenty of ideas that translate to the bath perfectly.



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