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3 Bathroom Touches Worth the Investment


They have them at the spa so, why can’t you have one at home, too? Well, now you can step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a soft, warm towel for little cost and effort. From stand-alone units to complete built-ins, your plumber can find a unit to fit your bathroom space and decor. Banish the brrr and engulf yourself in the mmm.


The matching pedestal sinks and oval mirrors seemed like a good idea at the time, but sometimes you just need to see what you’re doing. Replace the two mirrors with one large mirror that spans the wall. In less than a couple of hours, your local glass dealer can remove the old mirrors, install a big mirror, and provide countless options for including a decorative frame, or not. Either way, a big mirror gives your bathroom a much more spacious feeling, brightens up the room and can add a little bit of drama.


The bath is the centerpiece of the entire room. It just makes sense to maximize the bathing experience with a hydrotherapeutic tub. It’s also the biggest single element in the bathroom. You can’t miss it, so it’s worth the money to select a style that really speaks to you and stands out. With our deep pool of designs and price categories, Aquatic provides the optimum number of top-quality features and benefits for every dollar spent.


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