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Using Color in Your Bath

Color is the easiest way to make a big impression. You can change wall color to go from soothing to dramatic, bold to minimalist. Here are a few tips on incorporating color into your space for a bath with a pop of color.

1) Playing with contrast is a great way to play with mood. A bold color scheme with high contrast — like Kelly green and stark white — creates a vibrant, invigorating feeling. Going monochromatic, with different values or intensities of the same color, gives an elegant, soothing impression. Dark walls can create a handsome, masculine appearance and allow white fixtures to stand out.

2) More is sometimes more. Neutrals will always be a favorite for a spa retreat. But recent bath trends have been towards more color in more places. For ideas, consider Pantone’s 2010 Home & Interiors Color Trend Forecast, which includes palettes inspired by artisanal farmer’s markets, bold African landscapes and the night sky.

3) If you are unsure about a color, consider giving it a try in easy-to-change items like toweling, curtains or soaps. But even if you paint a wall the “wrong” color, it can always be painted again. And make sure you always test out your chosen colors with your chosen lighting — it can make a real difference in tone and hues.

4) Try a pop of unexpected color in an unexpected place: your bath. Our Serenity Air collection comes in premium color options and some surprising combinations, including red, black, cashmere and sterling silver.


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