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Using Patterns to Add Pop

The bath doesn’t have to be boring. All kinds of pattern can be incorporated via textiles, towels, rugs, artwork, accessories, wallpaper and even flooring. They can also pop up in accessories, lamps, vases and more. Certainly florals and other natural motifs have their place, but why not consider something unexpected?

1) Chevrons

The zigzag is a haute alternative to the classic checkerboard or stripe and brings lots of modern energy to nearly any style of room. It can be quietly surprising in a traditional room, brash and bold in a contemporary style, or dynamically “break out of the box” in a minimalist approach.

2) Bubbles

What could be wittier? A subtle bubble effect on textiles and accessories can be playful and very tactile — like polka dots with a bit more stature.

3) Not-So-Nautical Stripes

Stripes are classic for a reason. But in a bathroom, they can sometimes feel a bit cliché. Not so if you choose a new interpretation on stripes. Maybe something that incorporates cultural or historical flair, like the look of a kilim rug, a Greek key motif or a wool saddle blanket? Batik is always chic, as are chunky wide stripes. Consider putting them on the walls or even the ceiling.

4) Wallpaper, Reinvented

In times past, using wallpaper in a bathroom was problematic due to moisture levels. But today’s manufacturers are creating wallpapers especially for higher-humidity environments, with wipeable/scrubbable textures and even splash-resistant coatings.

To help protect your beautiful wall covering, you can install a stone, ceramic or even clear acrylic backsplash behind the sink. You might also ask your contractor about a high-efficiency fan to help cut down on lingering humidity after a long steamy soak in your Aquatic bath.


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